Tortellino di Valeggio


Try the Ca 'Bosca Restaurant's specialty: the tortellino di Valeggio!
Hand-made pasta exalts the flavour of a typical local product, handcrafted with great passion and dedication by pasta maker. The owner of Ca 'Bosca manages a pasta producer that makes tortellini daily by hand, served at our restaurant. The tortellini are always prepared with fresh and high quality ingredients.
The tortellino di Valeggio is a typical product of the area, to be enjoyed in all its variants: fresh egg pasta can have different fillings, exquisite and delicious, with the unique and inimitable flavour that will capture every palate.

The Filling

Our fresh pasta from an artisan producer is not to be missed: the various fillings make tortelli special and flavoursome. The typical tortellini has a filling of mixed meat, but at the Ca 'Bosca Restaurant we also prepare tortelli with delicious and unusual fillings, with pumpkin, ricotta, spinach and many other fresh ingredients waiting to be discovered.

The Risellino: a specialty of excellence

The specialty of Ca 'Bosca Restaurant, in addition to Tortellino di Valeggio, is the Risellino: a pasta very similar to tortellino, made with hand-made pasta using rice flour, stuffed with a special pork called Tastasal, with a taste similar to fresh salami.

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